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Tax Credits Financing.

An economic lever that
allows you to go further, faster

CAE Capital offers flexible and rapid financing solutions to meet
your business expansion needs.

By fuelling your working capital on an ongoing basis, the financing of refundable tax credits constitutes an financial lever that allows you to develop the innovation potential of your organization and pursue your growth objectives without affecting your share capital.

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Advantageous Terms


The financing granted can reach up to 100% of the refundable tax credits during a fiscal year.

It is possible to finance tax credits for a completed fiscal year, a current year and even a future year.

Flexible disbursements can be made at the beginning of each period to accelerate your innovations and your growth. CAE CAPITAL can disburse your loan BEFORE the expenses are incurred.

Why do business
with CAE Capital?

  • Renewable solution;
  • Quick access to your funds before incurring expenses;
  • CAE Capital transforms your tax credits into immediate cash;
  • 10-DAY processing time;
  • No government loan guarantee is required;
  • An invaluable source of working capital that can support your day-to-day operations.

Our funds are available
when it really matters!

  • To quickly access cash to pay your expenses;
  • For a lever allowing you to have a competitive advantage over your competitors;
  • To accelerate your technological projects and quickly begin your commercialization;
  • To preserve your line of credit for day-to-day operations;
  • Because of its speed and flexibility. Available in 10 business days;
  • To access advantageous pricing and no hidden costs.

Several eligible

You can benefit from interim tax credit financing if your business is eligible for one of the following credits:

  • Scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax credits;
  • Tax Credits for Multimedia Titles;
  • Tax Credits for the Development of E-Businesss (TCEB);
  • Tax Credits for an In-House Design Activity;
  • All other recognized refundable tax credits.

Who can request
these services?

All companies that:

  • Want to turn their refundable tax credits into immediate cash;
  • Are slowing their innovations due to lack of cashflow;
  • Want to take immediate advantage of the cash generated by their loans.

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Apply for Financing of Tax Credits

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Quote Serge Caouette

CAE Capital has quickly become essential for the financing of our SR&ED and TCEB. Same-week approval and great flexibility in disbursements makes CAE Capital a leading partner.

Serge Caouette
President of GLM Conseil

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