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Revolving Credit
Line of Credit.

Do you have contracts,
accounts receivable?

We can transform them into liquidity by pre-authorizing you a revolving line of credit which is released and reimbursed according to your cash inflows and outflows.

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Advantageous Terms

Advantageous Terms

Revolving credit can look like a line of credit. It is a pre-authorized financing that allows a company on the basis of future orders/contracts to obtain a financial envelope allowing it to move forward in these projects, as they are carried out.

  • The revolving credit is established according to the assessment of the needs of your company
  • Granted in the form of advances with specific terms without monthly capital repayment

It helps you minimize the process associated with repetitive credit applications and taking out security while offering flexible terms. It is a perfect financing solution for companies in the reinvestment, growth, or productivity improvement phase.

Why do business
with CAE Capital?

  • Turn your contracts and accounts receivable into immediate cash to access working capital to support your day-to-day operations;
  • Quick access to your funds before incurring expenses;
  • 10-DAY processing time;
  • Receive a disbursement within 48 hours once your credit is set up;
  • A renewable solution as long and as often as necessary.

Who can request
these services?

You can take advantage of a revolving credit or line of credit if:

  • You want to transform your contracts and customer accounts into immediate liquidity;
  • Your lack of liquidity is hampering your operations;
  • You want to take immediate advantage of the cash generated by your contracts and customer accounts;
  • You do not have a line of credit or your line is insufficient to support your growth.

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Quote Luc Dorion

Once again this year, CAE Capital has been able to accompany and support us in our local and international projects. Their speedy financing and their valuable advice are major assets for Therio Innovation. They offer us an unparallelled service that no bank can. In addition, every advice we receive from them makes us better entrepreneurs for the future, which promises to be most challenging and exciting. Thank you!!!

Luc Dorion
VP Finance and Admin
Engineering, Therio Innovation

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