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Grant Financing.

How does Financing
work for Grants?

You have been awarded a grant, but the disbursement delays are too long? We can help you. Financing for your grants gives you faster access to your subsidy funds. It can reach up to 100% of confirmed grants.

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Why do business
with CAE Capital?

  • To turn your grants into immediate cash;
  • To access your subsidy funds even before incurring expenses;
  • To obtain an invaluable source of working capital financing that can support your day-to-day operations;
  • To take advantage of a 10-DAY processing time;
  • To integrate a renewable solution into your operations as long and as often as grants are confirmed for you.

Who can request
these services?

  • You may qualify for financing for your grants if your business has been confirmed for a grants which is taking a long time to come;
  • You want to turn your grants into immediate cash;
  • Your lack of liquidity is hampering your operations.
Cae capital finance de nombreuses subventions fédérales et provinciales tel que* :

Cae capital finance de nombreuses subventions fédérales et provinciales tel que* :

  • Le programme Technologies du développement durable Canada (TDDC);
  • Le Fonds des médias du Canada (FMC);
  • Les subventions accordées à l’industrie des jeux vidéo et du multimédia;
  • Les projets d’infrastructures pour connectivité Internet haute vitesse en régions rurales ou éloignées.

*liste non limitative

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« CAE Capital est rapidement devenu un incontournable pour le financement de nos crédits d’impôt autant R&D que CDAE. Une approbation dans la même semaine et une grande flexibilité lors des décaissements en font un partenaire de premier plan. »

Serge Caouette
Président GLM Conseil

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